He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. – Psalm 147:3

I woke up and asked myself one day: ‘How do I get up and move on now that I was left behind by the person who I thought would be my ever after?’

It was hard. But I chose to be strong because it was the only choice I had. I tried hard in moving forward and redeeming myself from the pain.

But I got tired. The next thing I knew, I used up all my energy without really moving on from the hurt.

Days passed. I was introduced to Him. They said He can heal my heart.

I trusted. It was gradual. I detached myself from the past, while attaching to Him. He hugged me towards Him.

There are times I resisted, but He was patient.

Until one day, I gave up. I surrendered everything. I accepted that there are things I cannot control.

My prayer changed from ‘This is what I want, please make this happen’ to ‘I will accept whatever You want me to do’.

In an instant, I was renewed. I knew I was healed. The thought of the past was over.

I realized—No amount of an individual’s strength is tantamount to the ability of the Lord to not only heal the wound, but to bind it so we can move forward to a new life.

Blog entry and Photo by Roseanne Dela Cruz
Layout by Eunice

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