Many times we live our lives so independently that we forget to let God lead us along our journey.

In this busy world full of fast-paced decisions driven by pressures within and around us, we tend to confuse ourselves on the difference between “our right time” and “God’s time”. We tend to railroad every process – thus rushing our way to failure.

But with God, this is not the case. And in most situations, “His time” is the most difficult to accept and endure.

The financial breakthrough we’ve been waiting for, reparation of relationships we’ve been trying to work out, or even the right love we’ve been trying to seek and pray for. All of them don’t seem to land within our grasps amid unceasing prayers.

Then we begin to question. Is God really present in my life? Can He hear my prayers? Will He help me get through the rough roads?

However, our minds can only understand so much when it comes to God’s ways. He moves in directions we can never even fathom. But the good news is – it is always for the best.

If we accept this, despite the pain, great change will start.

It says in Ecclesiastes 3:11, God has made everything beautiful in His time. This goes to show that no matter where we are right now – the struggles, hopelessness, or rock bottom – there is no way we are staying there for long especially with God in our midst.

We just have to genuinely and consistently seek His guidance and wisdom. We must surrender everything no matter how devastating it might be. God’s got our back. The pain shall pass.

Just like any other circumstance, hardship is just a season that we will eventually surpass.

While in the process, we must not lose hope, as it was promised in Proverbs 16:9, the Lord will establish our steps.

As I mature and experience hard-hitting problems along the way, I came to realize that utter obedience to the Lord entails a great sacrifice and unwavering faith; that even amid uncertainties and temptations to back slide, you will never be shaken.

On our way off the rock bottom stage, we might lose people who will be around us. But the good news is, we will know the very people who will stay, understand, love and help us through.

Along the journey, not only our characters will be tested but also the purity of our intentions in seeking God. Consistency, just like in all other processes, matters.

Find comfort in knowing that everything has already been laid down by God. Dreams will be realized. Promises will be fulfilled. And the best days of our lives shall be within our reach, not in our time but in God’s perfectly planned time.

Blog entry by Jelene Fule

Photo by Liz Daza

Layout by Eunice



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